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Factor Analysis


Event Information

University of Birmingham
Dates of Event
27th April 2017 – 11th May 2017
Last Booking Date for this Event
20th April 2017

Course Convenor: Ian Davison (

Pre-requisite: It is assumed that students taking this module will have used SPSS and have some understanding of statistical inference and correlation.

Module Outline
It is often helpful to reduce a large number of variables down to a smaller number, such as reducing a series of attitude questions down to only a few underlying dimensions. The techniques of factor analysis provide the tools for such a task. These are often used to help summarise and understand the structure of data and are a popular way to generate scales for further analysis.

This course aims to demonstrate factor analysis in action and enable students to conduct their own analyses of this kind. Example datasets will be analysed in detail in SPSS using exploratory factor analysis; additionally, we will spend a little time using AMOS to give the idea of confirmatory factor analysis. We will also critique published research in this area.